ceramic sculptures

standing angel

ceramic 7″ high

DJSears Desert Angel

desert angel

68” h ceramic/mixed media

DJSears Lady of the Canyon 1

lady of the canyon 1

20” h ceramic

folded wings

14” h ceramic/raku

greek god
29″ h x 11″ w x 10″ d
ceramic / raku

changing flights
18″ h x 12″ w
ceramic tin wings

DJSears Ione

10″ h ceramic/raku

jade w/ bird
28” h x 14” w ceramic & gold leaf

jade angel
7” h ceramic w/gold leaf

DJSears old fashioned swimmer

old fashioned swimmer

32″ h ceramic

DJSears queen's gambit

queens gambit
(silver and gold leaf)
16″ l x 16″ w x 3″ h

DJSears mermaid

42″ h

about to dive
36” h x 12” w ceramic

male swimmer
26”h x 13” w ceramic

raining roses
Ceramic 36″ high

turqoise torso with gold leaf (SOLD)
22″ h x 12″ w

whirling dervish (SOLD)
14″ h x 6″ w x 7.5″ d